Sunday, September 24, 2006


La Mancha Goat

A large goat with short, glossy hair of any color or combination. Females are around 28” at the withers and weigh 130 pounds or more. Males are around 30” at the withers and can weigh over 165 pounds. The goat has a wide, long tapering head, and a wide, deep muzzle with a dished or straight nose. The male has a full beard. The feet and legs are strong, straight and wide-apart. This goat is most famous for its very small ear flaps. There are 2 types of LaMancha goats: the “elf ear” of approximately 2 inches in length; and the “gopher ear” which is smaller (1” in length) and lacks most of the cartilage seen in the elf ear. Neither sex has horns.
Goats are known for their ability to prosper on poor pasture. They are vegetarians that prefer browse to pasture.
The normal issue is one to two kids after a gestation period of 21-22 weeks. Goats are sexually mature as early as 6 mos. old. Normal life span is 8 to 12 years.

Please correct your information on your Page. " Neither sex has horns" is not correct at all. ALL normal LaMancha's are born with horns, only most of them are disbudded. There are few that are born without, but it is similar to a birthdefect.
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